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Oil rig arrives, support plant opens

Oil rig arrives, support plant opens

EDT Offshore, an oil and gas services company, has inaugurated a mud-plant at Limassol port that will provide support for Noble Energy’s appraisal wells in Aphrodite prospect, Block 12.

Noble is due to start drilling at the Aphrodite offshore prospect this month. John Tomich, head of US Noble Energy in Cyprus, announced on Saturday that an oil rig would arrive later in the day on location to carry out appraisal drilling.

Tomich said the rig was would “immediately commence to deploy anchors”. The appraisal drilling will take place to confirm estimated reserves and determine the quality of hydrocarbons within a prospect. Exploratory drilling in late 2011 showed an estimated 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

 EDT Offshore will provide support to Noble via its Limassol port base. In addition to the mud-plant, EDT’s base includes a heliport providing support to drilling platforms.

Tomich said EDT’s shore base marked a new chapter in Cyprus’ oil and gas development.

“This industry will require great deal of infrastructure development and has the potential to provide the people of Cyprus with jobs, a robust revenue for many years to come,” Tomich said.

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