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Russia requests use of Cyprus airbase

Russia requests use of Cyprus airbase

Cyprus has agreed in principle to grant a Russian request for use of a military airbase in Paphos, it emerged on Saturday.

Moscow has filed an official request to be allowed use of the Andreas Papandreou base, reports said.

Speaking on state radio, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said the request will be treated in the same way as with other friendly countries.

Facilities at the base will be granted to Russian military aircraft in cases of emergency and under conditions that will be agreed, Kasoulides said.

The facilities will not be granted on a permanent basis, reports said.

The agreement will not grant Russia more facilities than those afforded to other countries, the minister said.

Russia has already secured facilities for its warships in Cypriot ports.

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  • Well, Tony, there are different ways to look at this if we put aside the bitter reactions of a few leftovers who are scared to death by the idea to see their comrades wrap the bases up and fly back to the UK. One option is that the EU and USA actually approve the move. They want Putine to stop supporting Assad. They also know that Putin will keep supporting Assad as long as he has no alternative for the relocation of the Russian naval base currently on the Syrian coast (when – not if – Assad falls the Russians will need to relocate their base). So, they probably negotiated somethning here with the EU and the USA, Cyprus accepting to offer its hospitality, Putin abandoning Assad to his destiny…I am ready to bet that next time we receive information from Syria with proof of mass killings of civilians and kids by Assad’s troops, using toxic substances Putin will quickly issue a statement withdrawing Russia’s support to Assad. Keep your ears open.

  • Good. I wonder what Britain the EU and the US think of this. I hope they are wary of it and regret treating Cyprus so badly.

  • Spanner.

    And why would it be better to nuke Peyia?

  • why not let the chinese deploy nuclear wepons in tala ? …………………..
    at aristo tala bunker view five.
    a delightful hilltop missile base , with all of europe and most of the middle east, and africa just an I.R.B.M ‘s flight away.
    and a communal swimming pool………
    alas ; no title deeds…

    • Tala being nuked would not be much of a loss to the RoC, but Peyia would be better!

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