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Whatever happened to common courtesy?

On June 1 this year you published an ‘Open Letter’ from me to the President. This sought for him to explain the logic of the island’s 10% expatriate community being unable to vote in any election for a Cypriot President by comparison with the UK welcoming General Election votes from some 300,000 resident Greek Cypriots from the day they arrive.

We pay taxes here; we provide employment; we own property; we are consumers; we have to suffer whatever a given President decrees, and now, for goodness sake, we are required to assist with the reversal of the country’s largely self inflicted economic woes. Probably needless to say, this `Open Letter’ received no response, so I cut it out and sent it with a covering note to President Anastasiades at the Presidential Palace, asking him to find a few minutes to reply.

Now I accept that currently he is feverishly busy with Great Matters of State. But then wouldn’t common courtesy suggest he could reply to a civilised and reasonable enquiry affecting thousands of people? Apparently not. .But, to be fair, he has five years ahead of him to sort this anomaly. I made it clear that throughout this period I would commit to this campaign, as I have with the crematorium issue, so there will be no giving up on a principle which seems to me to be wholly beyond debate.

Clive Turner, Paphos

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