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Pig farmers under investigation

Pig farmers under investigation

Two pig farmers are suspected of giving feed contaminated with a carcinogenic substance to their animals, according to police.

Police raided the farms on December 19 and confiscated 280 bags of feed, which they sent to the State General Laboratory for further analysis.

According to the head of the State General Laboratory Popi Kanari, the results will be ready by Monday or Tuesday.
Preliminary reports show that the feed might be contaminated but nothing can be sure until the final results are in.

“We are doing everything in our power. We are working around the clock to have the lab results ready by Monday, Tuesday morning the latest,” said Kanari.

Asked whether meat from the farms in question was on the market, Kanari couldn’t give a definite answer, making clear though that it was highly unlikely.

“Almost all bags were closed and sealed. Even if the carcinogenic substance is found to be contained in those bags and even if meat was made available in the market by those farmers, we might have dodged the bullet,” said Kanari.

Kanari also told the press that the bags might not contain feed but “animal medicine”.

“They were labeled ‘for consumption by animals’ so we aren’t a hundred per cent sure at this point that it is feed,” she said.

Sources within the police said police raided the two pig farms after being tipped off.

This is the second animal related health incident reported in the past two months.

On November 14, Veterinary Services had to cull almost 3,000 chickens after a case of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) had been detected at a poultry farm outside Nicosia.

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