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Announcements for EP election candidates on Friday

Announcements for EP election candidates on Friday

THE government is speeding up preparations for the European Parliament elections set to take place on May 25, with the Chief Returning Officer publishing on Friday  all the information and announcements relating to the election’s candidacies, which must be submitted on May 2.

Chief Returning Officer Demetris Demetriou said that the announcements will be published in five Greek Cypriot daily newspapers, in the Cyprus Mail and in four Turkish Cypriot newspapers. All the documents for the elections will be available in Greek, English and Turkish.
Replying to a question about the interest shown by Turkish Cypriots to submit candidacies for the elections, Demetriou said that so far nobody has contacted him and that he learned about the matter from reports in the press.
He said however that following the announcements to be made in press tomorrow, it is expected that there will be Turkish Cypriots who will submit their candidacies.
Demetriou also said that in the polling stations for the upcoming elections will operate near the crossing points for all the Turkish Cypriots who wish to vote. There will be five stations in Nicosia district, one in Larnaca and one in Famagusta.
Turkish Cypriots who wish to vote, must present a Cyprus Republic identification card at the polling stations.
Cyprus will elect six members of the European Parliament. This is the third time that Cypriots are voting in the European elections, since the island joined the EU as a full member state in May 2004.

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