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Turkish Cypriot Sufi Shaykh Nazim still in hospital

Turkish Cypriot Sufi Shaykh Nazim still in hospital

LEADER of the Sufi Naqsibendi –Haqqani Order Turkish Cypriot Shaykh Nazim al Qubrusi, aged 92, has been in hospital being treated for respiratory and heart conditions for the past 12 days. Doctors say his condition is serious.

The revered mystic was transferred from his Lefka seat to the Near East University Hospital in the north of Nicosia, when he felt discomfort on April 17. His followers have since been crowding to the hospital, reciting prayers and paying their respects.

The Larnaca born Sufi Shaykh, popularly known as Sheikh Nazim, is claimed to be a descendant of the 13th century mystic Jalal al Din Rumi, and has a great deal of influence  within Islam and ranks 42nd in the list of the world’s most influential Muslims.

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