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MPs receive threatening letters over foreclosures bill

MPs receive threatening letters over foreclosures bill

Two MPs have told police they received letters threatening them if the House passed the foreclosures bill, a police spokeswoman confirmed on Monday.

Nicoletta Tyrimou, told the Cyprus News Agency police were investigating the origin of the letters.

The government is pushing to get the foreclosures bill through the legislature by Friday so the release of the next tranche of financial assistance will be approved.

On Wednesday the Council of Ministers approved a raft of measures supposedly aimed at protecting primary residences and small businesses, in the hope that some of the political parties would back the bill.

According to Sigmalive, which published a copy purporting to be the letter, titled ‘Last Warning’,  from a group calling itself ‘The Armed Group for Justice’, the documents are being forensically examined by police to try and extract DNA samples. The letters reportedly say the group is prepared to resort to murder in the event the bill is passed as it stands now.

“We are not terrorists and killers, but if needed, we will to defend our property and our children’s future to the bitter end,” the letters reportedly say.

“For us the houses that we have built with so much labour are sacred and inviolable. Never will we pay for your mistakes and the feast of bankers. Any member of a party that votes in favor or abstains from the vote on foreclosures will pay the price.”

It adds with an ‘oath before God’ that for every home foreclosed, an MP or a banker will pay.

“Every politician or banker, wherever they go should be accompanied by a whole army 24 hours a day. You will not know where to hide … everyone has a family … we will wait for the right moment, because somewhere someone will make a mistake.”

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