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Picking up the pen

By Maria Gregoriou

The process of writing can be a lonely one, and even when the writing is done the course towards publication is rocky if you don’t know which way to steer your manuscript. And they say there is strength in numbers and numbers there are at the new hub for writers WRITE CY.

WRITE CY is a place where a number of writers have come together to offer creative writing classes, where different events will be organised, where there will be book readings, open mic nights, and where you can get advice on your writing.

Although the man who put the idea together – published author Max Sheriden – has been working on it for a while now, it will be up and running as of November 2, when the first classes will be ready to get those creative juices flowing.

You can be of any age, be interested in anything and have no writing experience. The goal is to get everyone culturally involved, out of existing routines and write the story, manuscript or poem that has been put off.

So be the first to take part in a number of writing classes now before the trend takes on a life of its own.

There are only a few scheduled workshops which hope to offer techniques and knowledge to suit everyone’s writing needs.

If you are into poetry then free-up your Tuesdays as Marilena Zackheos – the director of the Cyprus Centre for intercultural studies and assistant professor of social sciences at the University of Nicosia and who is actively involved in the literary scene on the island – will speak about autobiographical poetry.

Get ready to get up close and personal with your writing, as Zackheos will teach how to connect with ourselves and others though poetry. You won’t only learn about published poets, about poetic techniques and poetic forms, you might also learn a little something about yourself. By the end of the workshops, you will have written three poems, which you can share at an open mic night.

The classes will run from 7.45pm until 9.15pm. It is for all levels and just be sure to bring along a laptop or some good old paper and pens.

Sheridan will run a six-week workshop on story craft during which he will tell of some practical techniques that can be used to build a story that stands out.

We all have a story to tell but it is the getting it down on paper that is the difficult part. Sheridan will go through six practical aspects of the storytelling process that can be used to structure and develop a story.

The classes will run on Wednesdays from 7.45pm until 9.15pm. This workshop is also for all levels.

Now for something a little different, do you like wine? Do you like talking about wine? Is there a little bit of a critic in you? If yes then the Wine and Tell: Wine and Food Writing for Aspiring Bon Vivants, will be just the ticket before heading down to the pub, or posh restaurant.

The Wednesday workshop – from 6pm until 7.30pm for four weeks – will be led by Mateo Jarrin Cuvi. Apart from having a number of his short-stories published, Cuvi loves blogging about – what else – food, wine and travel. He has published a number of blogs on these subjects at and has also written for the Financial Mirror and Fluster Magazine’s Flavours.

There is much, much more to WRITE CY but a writer would be nothing without research skills, so get on with it and find out more at

A hub for writers to create, get together and learn together. As of November 2. Xanthis Xenierou 37, Old Nicosia (near Oxi roundabout). Tel: 96-440814

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