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Theocharous unveils Solidarity platform to ‘save Republic’

MEP Eleni Theocharous unveils her Solidarity movement (Photo CNA)

By George Psyllides

MEP Eleni Theocharous presented the founding declaration of her Solidarity movement on Friday, which aims at ‘saving the Republic of Cyprus’ and ‘restoring the rights of the Cypriot people.’

Speaking at a news conference in Nicosia, Theocharous said the Republic was facing a new impasse and the way was blocked by the old, corrupt party establishment, which is trying to survive through populism, false promises and ideological fixations.

It is a failed system of people and mechanisms which serve interests, cover up scandals and are incapable of tackling the assault launched by Turkey to dissolve the state, she said.

“The obligation of the citizen is to rescue the state, Aristotle says. And we feel this debt heavily,” she said.

Theocharous, who left left DISY in November citing a divergence of views on the handling of the Cyprus issue, said it was necessary for the country to stop the dangerous decline it was going through. It needs to renew its political resources with honest, uncorrupted, and accomplished people who were determined to fight corruption, impunity, favouritism and incompetence that undermine the functioning of the Cypriot state.

Solidarity, she said, is a patriotic force, which serves people driven by ethics, logic, unity of objectives, understanding, and co-operation.

Its strategic vision is the liberation of Cyprus through a democratic agreement founded on the principles and values of the European Union and the Human Rights Charter, Theocharous said.

She criticised the people who “won’t hesitate to christen a solution of painful compromise and divergences as an imperative whose return would be supposed economic growth.”

Asked if she accepted a bizonal, bicommunal federation, Theocharous said what was important was to ensure the rights of every Cypriot and the EU acquis communautaire across the island without exceptions.

“If you believe that the bizonal, bicommunal federation ensures them (our rights) then present us this solution. But since it doesn’t, then you have your answer,” she said.

Having recently approached centre-right DIKO and socialist EDEK, Theocharous urged all likeminded parties to join forces in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“To co-operate and face the imminent plague,” she said. But she conceded that there did not seem to be much room for agreement with other parties and Solidarity could enter the race alone.


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