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Open letter to the two leaders: re-start the talks for all our sakes

Although we do not want to put any personal blame to either of you for leaving the negotiating table, permit us to express the great disappointment of those in the Greek and Turkish communities seeking peace and the reunification of Cyprus. Hopefully this has now been fully understood by both of you and you will both soon re-start the talks from where they left off.

You should appreciate that all of us that favour the reunification of Cyprus  for the wellbeing and security of all the peoples of the island because we are certain this cannot be secured in way other than a viable, practicable and just solution as an outcome of discussions on federation.

From the progress you made over the past two years, we believe that both of you realise this, and you should both stop listening to the contrary voices of the opposition parties on both sides and take a joint stand against them.

We entreat you to re-start the negotiations with a better methodology so as to bring better results that will lead to a viable, lasting, democratic and just Cyprus solution, taking into consideration the passage of time and the undecided issues yet to be resolved.

By the end of September of this year, any chance you had to build on progress will fade away due to the Greek Cypriot presidential elections in early 2018.

We really wish you all the best, hoping that you will not let us down.

On behalf of a group of residents of Cyprus, we wish you the best possible success in the great responsibility you have taken on.



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