Swimmers urged to avoid Ayia Napa marina site


The department of merchant shipping urged swimmers and users of small boats on Monday to avoid the area around the construction site of the Ayia Napa marina for safety reasons.

According to an announcement, swimmers and small boats should keep clear at least 50 metres from the construction site for their own safety. The department said that it would also install buoys in the area.

It also gave the coordinates – in degrees and decimals of degrees (DD) – of the areas to avoid:
34,976823° B 33,940293° A
34,973620° B 33,940266° A
34,973571° B 33,946502° A
34,977059° B 33,951077° A
34,979717° B 33,948422° A

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  • Bystander

    Summertime, opos panda.

  • redstorm

    i should think so too, you wouldn’t like that crane falling on top of you,,,,

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