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Time for a referendum regarding the Cyprus talks

Turkey’s EU Minister, Omer Celik, recently stated that the Cyprus settlement talks were not suspended nor frozen but over.

Most people do not understand what a bizonal bicommunal federation is.

Dictionary meaning: Bizonal – two administrative zones.  Bicommunal – two distinct communities of people or being a society composed of two distinct or separate communities often with conflicting interests.

The recent unification talks were based on two constituent states within a bizonal, bicommunal federation in Cyprus. In other words, two states who can elect their leaders and be in charge of their own affairs where freedom of movement is not curtailed and where, people will still be able to move and live in the zones controlled by the other ethnic group.

The only difference is that local governance will be up to the other national group. The talks also covered issues such as a rotating Presidency, a single citizenship, a single sovereignty with its independence and territorial integrity safeguarded, and comprising two politically equal communities as described in the relevant Security Council resolutions, in a bicommunal and bizonal federation. The talks as many predicted ended without a deal.

It is obvious that both communities cannot live together as there is too much historical animosity and mistrust. You cannot force two peoples to live together. Look at the geographic area of Ireland there are two separate states surrounded by sea. Why is the international community not pushing the two Irelands to unite?

Perhaps the time has come for the Greek Cypriots to openly discuss a two- state solution. To gauge this, it would be good if the current government or future government put up three questions in a referendum so the Greek Cypriots can express their opinions.

Do we continue with the ongoing Cyprus talks towards unification?

Do we negotiate a two-state solution?

Do we maintain the current status quo?


GK Georgiou, Australia

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