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Apoel fans: they want to muzzle us and make us disappear

Apoel’s Pancyprian Supporters’ Club responded angrily to their Facebook page being taken down by the US tech giant

Apoel’s Pancyprian Supporters’ Club has issued a statement through its social media channels in which they react to their Facebook page being taken down by the US tech giant.
The most common reason for a Facebook page removal is a violation of the company’s content guidelines.

The statement also reiterates their opposition to the Cyprus Sports Organisation’s (CSO) fan card scheme.

The supporters’ club statement is as follows:
“Through yesterday’s post, we informed the public that our Facebook page has been removed for the second time in a brief period of time, without any serious cause or reason. From yesterday, we have been receiving many private messages from our fans who reasonably question why this is happening. The answer is simple…

“Our page has been taken down by the same people who have banished us from stadiums in 2018 through the fan card scheme. The fan card was not only implemented to enable profiteering through the sale of TV rights, but also because these people are against any kind of organised groups.

“They don’t want organised groups chanting about our national issues. They don’t want organised groups to chant about their lack of meritocracy. They don’t want organised groups to chant about the stabbings and everything else that’s happening in Nicosia city centre, or elsewhere in Cyprus.
“We can’t say more on this because we might get banned again.

“For these reasons and many others, they want to muzzle us and make us disappear.
“However, these people are deluding themselves. Their biggest mistake was going against what it means to be an Apoel fan. They forget that Apoel fans can remove or install governments. They forget that Apoel fans are disgusted with the fan card scheme, which has irreversibly damaged Apoel and its interests.

“We call on the people to disseminate our page and our press releases. We call on everyone to follow our efforts, which are pure and aim to safeguard the survival of Apoel and to make the GSP stadium a place where teams around Europe are afraid to come. To relive moments like those of 2012. So that our children and grandchildren can live what we lived at the Makarion stadium and at the old GSP.”

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