Marinas & Harbours

Marinas & Harbours

All Hands On Deck

The journey to take money-making advantage of such an obvious opportunity to expand marine tourism and seafaring leisure facilities has been painfully slow. And judging by the legal and bureaucratic problems still plaguing the proposed new ventures at Larnaca and Paphos, there is plenty more pain to come.
Decades of inaction justified the criticisms of those calling for new marinas that the relevant authorities simply could not understand the merits — whatever their publicly proclaimed reasoning at the time.
Even the argument that the 1974 invasion and the island’s resulting division prevented progress did not hold water.

Legal ports of entry - Marinas

Limassol Marina


The latest to open, the emphasis is firmly on promoting itself as a self-contained ‘village’ within the city. All the maritime mod cons for 650 boats plus housing, shops and restaurants.

St Raphael Marina


Situated to the east of Limassol, this long established marina has been a favourite for decades. With space for 237 boats, it may be relatively small but offers the personal touch.

Larnaca Marina


It’s the island’s original marina on the south-east coastline and showing its age. Being the closest to Lebanon and Israel, means competition for the 400 berths is stiff and advance booking essential.

Legal ports of entry - Harbours

Latchi Harbour


On the west coast with 350 berths, it is the nearest legal entry point for those coming from Greece and Turkey. It may lack mod cons, but certainly not a friendly welcome.

Pafos Harbour


Not much room in this crowded south-west port of entry, but ideal for refuelling, topping up the larder and good local dining while en route to somewhere else.

Forthcoming Marinas - Under Construction

Ayia Napa Marina


Scheduled to open in 2019, it is the 600-berth marina to the south-east of the island that gets priority with 190 apartments and 29 villas to follow.

Forthcoming Marinas - At the planning stage

Larnaca Marina


The most ambitious project with 1,000 berths including space for super yachts and visiting cruise liners, and encompassing the present marina, but major problems getting to the construction stage.

Pafos Marina


To the west of the harbour, this marina and housing complex has been dogged by legal and other obstacles for years, and April saw yet another setback with the courts now involved.

Paralimni Marina


The most easterly of planned marinas on the south coast, the prevailing calms seas guarantee a popular reception for the 300 berths, hotel and residential complex once it’s built.

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