The Nautical Novice Series

The Nautical Novice Series

Getting ready for a touch of life on the briny

The chance to spend a day at sea is an opportunity not to be missed. If the alternative is an overcrowded beach making all-too frequent trips into the equally crowded water to cool down, then the sight of that boat lying in solitude offshore is justifiable cause for envy.
There are various choices for a nautical day out. Join a scheduled daily charter, organise a private charter, or check out which of your friends (or someone else’s!) has a boat.
Whatever the result, being properly prepared is absolutely essential. Indeed, it’s the difference between happiness and hell. To state the obvious, you’re all at sea.

Spelling it out on the two-way radio


Calling for help in an emergency at sea or just understanding who’s saying what on a bad phone line is much easier with the radio alphabet. We go from A to Z.

Understanding the weather forecast

understanding the weather forecast

Hearing the forecast means very little if its technical predictions aren’t understood, and disaster could follow. Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort comes to the rescue.

Learning to talk like a sailor


They may be talking English but the seafaring fraternity still has a language of its own.
We list some of their favourite words — but only the polite ones, of course.

Fathoms, knots and nautical miles

miles at a rate of knots

How a knot measures speed, why seafarers and airline pilots use nautical miles and depth is a distance you can easily fathom — and it all goes back centuries.

Selling an outboard engine, a catamaran or anything that’s nautical?
If it’s a private sale we will carry your advert for FREE in our classified section.
Just fill in the form and we shall do the rest.

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