The American Academy Larnaca

The American Academy Larnaca

Established: 1908

Language: English

Type:  Pre-Primary to Secondary

Age range: 3 to 19

Students: 1,182

Cypriot/Foreigner ratio: For the Junior School 50:50, for the Senior School 80:20

Principal/Head: Marija Ullman

Student/Teacher ratio: 12:1

Mission: As a non-profit institution, our school is committed to delivering a holistic educational experience that begins in the classroom and extends far beyond it. At the heart of the school’s philosophy is its motto ‘to grow and to serve’ which embodies the true ethos and culture of our learning environment. Our students grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and morally, and are encouraged to serve their community actively and generously.

Governance: The Board of Directors is made up of American Academy Larnaca Alumni



Head of admissions: Primary: Maria Nammour; Secondary: Charoula Constantinou

Admissions policy: Primary: Application Form which is followed by an assessment for pre-school and Grades 1 and 2. For grades 3 -6 written exam in Maths and English. Secondary: Entrance exams in Greek & Mathematics for students applying from public elementary schools / English & Mathematics for students from English-speaking schools

Scholarships: Broad scheme of scholarships dependent on funds available through donations. Achievements Scholarships, bursaries for needy and worthy students and extra-curriculum activities scholarships. School also covers tuition fees in case of family emergencies.

Mid-term entry: Junior School accepts mid-term entry provided there are places. For the Senior School, this is done in very rare cases and students interested in mid-term entry must meet prerequisites for the required year of entry according to the school’s placement policy.

Applying from abroad: Students can contact the school and follow the same application procedures.

Tuition fees: Junior School: €4,380 to €4,870,  Senior School:  €5,800 to €6,490. Registration fee: €150-€200



British Curriculum

Type of exams: GCSE and A-Levels

Languages: Students are taught in English, with the exception of Modern Greek. Third foreign language option (French/German) from Year 2

Sports: Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Cross Country, Track & Field.

Music: School choirs and School Orchestra. Music Technology Club exposes students to the vast variety of digital software that allows for music mixing, editing, sampling.



Clubs: Art and Culture, Animal Welfare, Biotechnology, Business, Computing, Maths, Cooba (cooking and baking), Ecology, Folklore dancing, Modern Dancing, Voices, Model UN, Media, Red Cross, Blood Donors, The Herald, Ted-ed, French, German, English Society



Eight science laboratories and four computer labs – fully equipped with the latest technology. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Sports facilities: State-of-the-art sports facilities. Indoor gym, and outdoor basketball, tennis and futsal courts.

Bus service: Not available



School hours: 07:30-13:35

Exams: We are a registered centre for EDEXCEL, AQA, OCR, CIE, LCCI, BRITISH COUNCIL

Uniform: Yes

Parents’ association: The Parent Teachers’ Association aims to encourage frequent communication between parents and teachers to allow for close collaboration. Monthly meetings bring together parents and teachers, and provide a platform for parents to communicate together, gain understanding and voice concerns on matters involving the School. At the Junior School, the PTA is very actively involved in fundraising and entertainment events.

Student support: Extensive pastoral care at the school. Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year who is the contact point for parents and students. We also have a school psychologist.


The American Academy Larnaca is one of the nine oldest schools in Cyprus. It was founded in 1908 by two missionaries of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. Within a year there were 60 students. Originally classes were held in the mission chapel across the road from the current Weir Building. In 1911 the school moved to the present site into the original Memorial Hall. The Academy took in 30 boarders. Although the Academy was originally intended as a boys school, a girls department was opened in 1916 again using the mission chapel. The initial experiment was short-lived and the girls department closed in 1919 but re-opened ten years later. During the Second World War, the school was temporarily transferred to Lefkara village from 1941 to 1943. The present school began to take shape in 1954 with the completion of the Weir Hall with the auditorium added four years later. The New Memorial Hall began to take shape from 1983 onwards.
In 1975 the control of the School, and all its facilities, was handed over to the American Academy Alumni Foundation and has been run as a non-profit making organisation, with charitable status, by its own graduates. Governance is undertaken by 11 elected members and two representatives of the original mission church.


What are your strengths?
We have a commitment to academic excellence in the school and we instill a love for learning in our students by placing a particular focus on questioning, researching and engaging with subjects beyond the classroom. Our students are able to heighten their skills and their learning through our extensive list of extra-curricular clubs. There’s something for everyone at the school, and many clubs have been created at the suggestion of students. Our students are at the heart of this school, and we care for their welfare and wellbeing by having a very strong pastoral care network from the very first day of school until graduation. Our motto is ‘to grow and to serve’ and all members of our community take this very much to heart.

Do you have open days? Yes, on specific days. Next is an Information Session for Prospective Students/Parents on 27 February 2018.

Can parents visit during school days? We maintain an open-door policy and parents are invited to visit the school on any day that works for them.

Does parent’s association have a role or say in decisions? The PTA can make suggestions and has an important role to play in a school that values communication and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Is Apolytirion given to students?  All graduating students receive an Apolytirion that is recognised by the Ministry of Education & Culture.


What do you like about the school? In what way(s) has the school been good for your child?
SOPHIA MORPHIS NIKA: When searching for a senior school for my daughter, the most important factors for me were her wellbeing and an education environment in which she could thrive. With its impressive reputation spanning 110 years, the American Academy Larnaca was the obvious choice. Of particular importance for me as a parent is the school’s emphasis on safety as well as the way in which it seeks to maintain education standards while still allowing scope for the students’ individual needs and/or personalities.
NITSA STAVRINOU: I am a graduate of the school and all three of my children have gone there, the youngest graduating now. They have followed the values and motto of the Academy – ‘to grow and to serve’ – while the school broadened their horizons and gave them the ability to follow and fight for their dreams. The many extra-curricular, after-school activities improve their discipline. I also like the fact that this is a non-profit making school and all the money is re-invested.


Address: Gr. Afxentiou Avenue, P.O.Box 40112, 6301 Larnaca
Tel: +357 24 815400
Fax: +357 24 651046
Office hours: Monday-Friday 07:30-18:00
Email: [email protected]


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