The American Academy Nicosia

The American Academy Nicosia

Established: 1922

Language: English

Type: Preschool & Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

Age range: 2 years and 5 months to 18

Students: 500

Principal/Head: James Gillanders

Student/Teacher ratio: 8:1

Mission: To offer quality education in a caring environment

Governance: Not for profit company / Board of Governors – Cypriot educationalists and businessmen offering their services on a voluntary basis



Head of admissions: Dimitra Hadjimichael

Admissions policy: Exams and interview

Scholarships: N/A

Mid-term entry: Yes

Applying from abroad: Yes

Tuition fees: Pre-primary starting from €3,000. Primary: €4,500. Secondary: €4,780 – €6,500



UK with some additions to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. Students graduate with a Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education (Apolytirion) accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

Type of exams: (I)GCSE & A Level

Languages: English, Greek, French, Spanish

Sports: Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Fencing, Self-Defence, Table-Tennis

Music: Choir, Band, Rock Band



Clubs: Monkeynastix (Pre-school & Primary), Smart Hands (Primary), Gardening (Pre-school and Primary), Model United Nations, European Youth Parliament, Toast Masters (Public Speaking), The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Drama Club.



Laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers

Sports facilities: Basketball, Football (5X5), Volleyball, Long jump

Bus service: Yes



School hours: 07:25-13:40; Clubs 14:00-14:45

Exams: Internal exams for secondary department: January and June

Uniform: Charcoal grey trousers/skirt, white polo-shirt, blue or maroon sweater.

Parents’ association: [email protected]

Student support: Pastoral Care Team offers support to all students regarding their mental, emotional, academic development. Educational Psychologists support students with learning difficulties as well as high achievers.


The School opened its doors on October 16, 1922. The founders, who had earlier started the American Academy in Larnaca for boys, established the school in response to local demand for an English language school for girls and it was named the American Academy for Girls. In its early years it was both a boarding and a day school and 13 students enrolled in its first year, two of them boarders. The teacher who headed up the work was Lola Weir with Ada Wilson being her assistant. School and boarding house were originally in the west side of the old city of Nicosia. Growth was quite rapid and by 1927 the enrolment had reached 89 students.
Relocation to its present premises outside the city walls in 1955 provided more extensive grounds and larger buildings. In 1976 the school became independent from its founding mission with a Board of Cypriot educationalists and businessmen set up to manage it. In  1977 the school became co-educational and in the years that followed, there was an expansion in both its enrolment, its grounds and buildings.


What are your strengths?
Good teacher / student ratio, a caring environment. Teachers are ready to walk the extra mile with their students. We care about what happens in a student’s life even after school hours. Focus on the holistic development of the children – Mind / Body / Spirit. Multicultural environment. Children grow up to be citizens of the real world. Immediate and holistic resolution of bullying problems.

Is Apolytirion given to students? The accredited Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education gives the opportunity to graduates to be accepted in universities around the world, or to look for immediate employment.

Do you have open days? There are no open days.

Can parents visit during school days? Parents are welcome to book an appointment and see teachers any day of the week.

Does parents’ association have a role or say in decisions? Parents have a consulting role. The administration operates an ‘open door policy’ so apart from the PTA every parent has direct access to the senior leadership of the school.


What do you like about the school? In what way has the school been good for your children?
ANNA IOANNOU: I like the fact that there are programmes that bring the children of different ages together. The older students function as mentors to younger students. You get a strong sense of community and commitment between the student body.
ANDREW MICHAEL:What I like about the Academy is the combination of high academic standards together with the child-centred approach. Teachers are able to communicate, to transfer knowledge in a way that everyone can understand, and they can discipline students with a caring heart.


Address: 3A, Michael Parides Str.,1095 Nicosia
P.O.Box 21967, 1515 Nicosia
Tel:+357 22 664266.
Fax:+357 22 669290
Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]
Office Hours:Monday-Friday: 07:15 – 15:15

Website: ( Kindergarten,Primary SchoolSecondary School )

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