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Church infrastructure projects steaming ahead

PLANS to build a hotel in Paphos on church land, the creation of a photovoltaic park near Nicosia and the construction of a private English school in Makedonitissa are all proceeding as intended according to Archbishop Chrysostomos II.

Speaking yesterday, the primate revealed a consortium of Russian businessmen had agreed to purchase a plot of seaside land in Paphos to build a hotel, which will cost around €70 million.

“Faced with the problems of the financial crisis the church, which has plenty of land at its disposal, has sprung into action and thankfully investors have not lost their trust towards Cyprus or the Church,” he said.

“From the moment they approached me, the investors have begun preparations for the project and I have spoken with the Interior Minister so as soon as they are complete the town planning department must give permission within a month so construction can begin during the winter season,” he added.
The church will receive €1.5m in rent annually from the Paphos hotel project.

A plot of land in Makedonitissa in the capital will also be given for the construction of a private English school, from which the church will receive close to €300,000 a year according to the Archbishop.

He added the creation of a photovoltaic park on the outskirts of Nicosia will also bring in around €800,000 in rent.

“The church will receive rent for these projects but our main aim is for people to be employed so they can have money to spend which will in turn help the economy,” he said. “Our goal is to give work to the people,” he added.

The Archbishop told state radio that he also hopes to get a loan to fix-up all of the old buildings in Nicosia’s old town and is also considering making a considerable investment in the Famagusta district. He did not reveal what exactly those plans would entail.

“We have told the president that capital controls need to be removed from the banks so we can proceed with investing in the state,” he concluded.

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