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Surely I can’t be blamed for this car accident

I AM a registered student in my final year of a Business Administration degree and a citizen of Pakistan.

Last week I was driving some friends and their baby from Larnaca to Nicosia on the main highway.

The conditions were dreadful as there was a thunder storm in progress and visibility very poor which caused me to drive with extreme caution.

On approaching Dali region I was confronted with a stationery vehicle, unlit and abandoned, in the centre lane. I engaged emergency braking but was unable to avoid a collision.

My car was written off but my passengers were safe although extremely shocked.

I noticed a police car parked some little distance ahead of my vehicle and the police were talking to a young Cypriot woman who I discovered was the owner of the abandoned car. It seems that her electronics had failed in the rain and she had called the police for help, but why they had not put hazard signs around the car I cannot imagine.

The woman, who was very distressed, was escorted from the scene by the police after we had exchanged details.

I was told to attend the local station on the following Monday.

We made our own way back to Nicosia and the following day I informed my insurance company that stated they would await the police report. My appointment with the police was postponed four times.

Last Monday I was summoned to Nissou police station where I was interrogated by a woman officer who told me I was responsible for the accident and would be prosecuted.

I explained that I was under the impression that one must not leave a vehicle unattended on a motorway no matter what the cause. Had I driven into her at a set of traffic lights I would have no excuse but on a motorway in the given conditions it seemed wrong.

The discussion became slightly heated because I felt I was being blamed for something beyond my control, and I mentioned that the police at the scene should have taken precautions because we could have been badly injured.

As I made this point a huge policeman entered the room and started shouting at me that I was responsible for the accident.
I felt very intimidated and stopped talking.

It seems that I will receive no compensation for my loss as I only have third party insurance and I run the risk of being prosecuted for careless driving if I don’t admit responsibility.

It doesn’t seem right.

Name and address supplied

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