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Calling on Scottish Freemasons

About seven months ago, I wrote a letter requesting that Scottish Freemasons who didn’t attend Masonry in Cyprus but were particularly interested in a Scottish Lodge in Cyprus contact me.

A number of Scottish Brethren did contact me and the result was that after detailed discussions, the creation of Lodge St Andrew 13 took place on February 13, 2013.

The Lodge, totally approved by both the Grand lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Cyprus (with whom we are a member) is operational.

Needless to say, we have an excellent relationship with the Grand lodge of Cyprus. Because Scottish Freemasons are throughout the Republic of Cyprus, our Lodge is based in Limassol (being the central area), the location being to meet the requirements of both Brethren and potential Candidates who may have to travel to the meetings.

Because I believe there may be a number of Scottish Brethren who are not yet aware of the fact there is now a Scottish working Lodge in Cyprus, should they wish to meet up for membership they are requested to contact me on mobile 97 613998 or email [email protected]

Alex Strange

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