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Small increase in fuel prices

THERE has been a small increase in fuel prices in Cyprus recently, with petrol increasing by one cent and diesel increasing by 0.6 cent per litre.

Commenting on the increase, head of petrol station owner’s association, Stefanos Stefanou said: “In February the cost of petrol was €1.44 and diesel was sold at €1.45 a litre. During this recent period we have had four or five continuous decreases in prices of around seven or eight per cent. Last week we had a small increase of around one cent. Surely in these difficult times it is significant for petrol station owners and consumers for fuel prices to decrease.”

When asked what the future of fuel prices looks like, Stefanou said it was risky to make predictions about what would happen in the near future but “if we take into consideration the circumstances surrounding the matter on a universal scale”, the prices may remain the same or may decrease slightly. Nothing is certain, something might happen tomorrow in Turkey and the prices could go up, he added.





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