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Foreign ministry issues travel advice for Turkey

The foreign ministry has issued travel advice for Turkey, calling on Cypriot citizens residing or visiting Turkey to avoid public places where gatherings occur in light of the tense situation as a result of public demonstrations.

Cypriot citizens, the official press release says, “are encouraged to keep abreast of local and international media coverage (especially the internet) of events and to follow the instructions of the authorities”.

“Following recent demonstrations which have spread in many regions in Turkey, it is not possible to guarantee that the current situation will not affect the safety of Cypriot citizens visiting the country,” it adds.

The ministry warns that “due to the absence of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not able to provide direct consular assistance to Cypriot citizens who are visiting this country”.

However, Cypriots as EU citizens of the EU and in the absence of Cypriot diplomatic missions in the visiting country, have the right (under Article 23 of the Treaty of Lisbon) to receive consular protection from any diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) of an EU member state.

In case of emergency, Cypriot citizens can contact the duty officer of the foreign ministry on +35 7 99660129


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