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NDV spreads to coop in Paphos

AN outbreak of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) was reported yesterday in poultry in the village of Prodromi in the Paphos district according to veterinary services, while the compensation for destroyed poultry so far is estimated to be around €70,000.

The veterinary services director George Kyriakides said that the outbreak was traced to a coop in a residential home.

“The specific coop was under investigation from veterinary members for a week. During this time samples were taken and tested. Results confirm the presence of the virus,” Kyriakides said.

Veterinary members continue to visit the coop and are ready to proceed with destroying the poultry, he added.

The virus has affected around 50 chickens in the coop.

“Every outburst comes with dangers to surrounding areas. This is why it is important for us to investigate whether the virus was transferred from other areas where the virus has been detected, or if it was originated from the coop,” Kyriakides said.

The virus is transferred by wild birds and by the wind.

The NDV virus is separated into low, medium and high categories.

“In Cyprus at the moment the poultry found so far are infected with the high category virus,” Kyriakides said.

Agricultural minister Nicos Koyialis said that the compensation amount for poultry affected by the virus in areas to the west of Nicosia is currently being calculated.

“The compensation amount is around €70,000, maybe more. Twenty-five per cent of this cost is covered by the EU and the remaining amount must be covered by the government,” Koyialis said.

Because the government is almost certain that the virus originated from the occupied areas, Koyalis is asking for the whole amount to be paid from the EU.

Koyalis will discuss this matter at a meeting in Brussels in about ten days with all agricultural ministers.

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