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Poultry virus warning to hunters

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By Maria Gregoriou

HUNTERS have been urged to comply with veterinary services instructions and take further measures to restrict the spread of the Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), a statement released by the Game Fund said on Wednesday.

The statement asked hunters to avoid training their dogs in areas where NDV has been traced.

“Maps displaying the affected areas are available on the veterinary services website,” the statement said.

The office warned that dead or sick birds that cannot fly should not be picked up.

“The Game Fund should be contacted immediately and told about where the bird or birds were found,” the statement said.

Hunters coming into contact with poultry, for whatever reason, should follow the basic rules of personal hygiene.

“The responsibility to limit the spread of the virus falls on everyone. If we do not share in this obligation we run the risk of the virus being transmitted to wild birds.”

An outbreak of the virus was reported in poultry in the village of Prodromi in the Paphos district on Tuesday. Around 50 chickens in a residential coop were affected by the virus.

Vet services director Giorgos Kyriakides has asked people who keep poultry at home to contact the services if the animals show any symptoms of the disease.

Tens of thousands of chickens have been destroyed at three units located in Kokkinotrimihia which was placed under quarantine at the end of June.

NDV is a contagious and fatal virus disease affecting most species of birds. Human infection is very rare and only occurs on close contact with infected birds.

The maps highlighting the affected areas can be viewed at

The website also offers instructions to all poultry owners and information about the disease.

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