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Kastela residents secure nuisance ban interim order

By Mari Gregoriou

A NUMBER of plaintiffs have secured an interim court order from the Larnaca regional court to prohibit loud music, bright lighting and the use of tractors under certain circumstances at the Kastela beach.

The interim order stands until Thursday July 18, when the defendants’ will be heard in court.
“It is very important to highlight that the court passed certain rulings before hearing the defendants’ plea,” the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Constantis Candounas said yesterday.

Candounas said loudspeakers playing music at all hours, the sound of tractors turning the sand over at 7am and the spotlights used on the beach, disturb the peace of nearby residents.

“This Mykonas-type beach causes noise pollution and disturbs people who live in buildings right by the beach. The plaintiffs, who live by the seafront, are also bothered by the bright lights on the beach at night,” Candounas said.

According to the court order the defendants, employees of the defendants or their associates are not allowed to “use speakers in any area of the Kastela beach and in front of Piale Pasha seafront area, which cause noise pollution beyond 5 decibels.”

Referring to the use of tractors on the beach the order said: “The use of a tractor on the Kastela beach is prohibited before 9am on weekdays and 10am on weekends.”

“The court rules that the use of lighting from sunset to sunup, pointed at the Kastela 2 apartment building on Piale Pasha seafront in Larnaca is prohibited,” the order also said.

There have also been other complaints about the activities on the Kastela beach in terms of it being a turtle nesting beach.

Speaking about the general problems of turtle life on the beaches of Cyprus, former environment commissioner, Charalambos Theopemptou said “The main problem we have concerning turtles is bright lights on the beach.”

Bright lights make turtles that go to lay their eggs on the beach and the young turtles that hatch from the eggs, lose their sense of direction.

“If a turtle does not know where it is going it can hurt itself. This is why plant vegetation is planted by roads close to these beaches,” Theopemptou said.

A member of the public, Lazaros Temetzian, has started a campaign to conserve and protect Larnaca bay after a protective cage was removed from a turtle’s nest at Kastela beach at the beginning of July.

In a letter to Larnaca mayor Andreas Louroutziatis, Temetzian said about Kastela beach: “I am convinced that this area can be better utilised as a conservation zone. There are not many sandy beaches left in the Larnaca bay area that can afford such refuge to turtles.”

In his reply, Louroutziatis said the suggestions for the Kastela beach would be discussed at the municipal council.

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