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More than eight out of ten Cypriots do not trust the EU

Sixty per cent say they are living from day to day


ALMOST 60 per cent of Cypriots say they are living day to day and unable to make future plans due to their financial situation, and 83 per cent believe the worst is yet to come for the island, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey released on Tuesday.

Fieldwork for the survey was done in May this year, two months after the banking crisis hit, plunging the island into it deepest recession in decades. The blame placed on the EU for the bail-in of depositors is clearly reflected in the survey with 83 per cent of Cypriots saying they have no trust in the EU compared to 60 per cent of other EU citizens.

Also according to the barometer, 76 per cent of Cypriots do not trust their own parliament, and 66 per cent do not trust the government, Ninety eight per cent classed the current situation as ‘very bad’ compared to their EU counterparts who clocked in at 72 per cent when asked the same question.

Some 67 per cent of Cypriots expect things to worsen for them personally in the next twelve months, compared to the EU average of 34 per cent, while 83 per cent of Cypriots said they believed in general the worst was yet to come for the country compared with the 55 per cent of other Europeans on average who believe the same about their own countries.


On their personal financial situation, while only 35 per cent of EU citizens on average say they are living from day to day, the figures rises to 59 per cent in Cyprus.

And, while 30 per cent of Europeans on average are concerned about their job situation, in Cyprus 37 per cent gave the same answer plus another 38 per cent were uncertain about the future of their own jobs, bringing the total to 75 per cent.

Unemployment, as an issue was the top concern for 72 per cent overall in Cyprus compared to 55 per cent in the EU. The state of the economy was the second biggest concern and everything else came in as an also-ran. In the rest of Europe people expressed concerns about crime, health, immigration and the environment, these issues barely registered in Cyprus as a concern, ranging from 8.0 per cent concerned over crime to 1.0 per cent of people worrying about the environment.

Some 55 per cent of Cypriots also said they did not feel like EU citizens compared to 62 per cent across the bloc. Most believe the EU let Cyprus down when it came to the island’s bailout and failed to show any support or solidarity. Support for the euro in Cyprus was equally split at 47 per cent both for and against the single currency.



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