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‘We want animals in homes and not in the streets’

Too many pets are being abandoned

By Alexia Papakyriacou

THE GREEN Party’s youth organisation and Pets2Adopt held a bazaar to mark Animal Adoption Day outside Athienitis supermarket in Nicosia yesterday.

At the bazaar pet lovers were able to find books about cats and dogs and their protection as well as calendars with the proceeds going towards animal welfare.

The two organisations aim to reduce the number of strays as well as the promotion of neutering. They said they want to make children and adults more aware of animal protection issues and inform them about the seriousness of the current situation on the island.

Neutering and spaying is considered to be one of the best methods for protecting animals since it offers limited chances for the dogs to get cancer and several other health problems. It also decreases the pets’ aggressiveness and the organisation strongly encourages pet owners to neuter and spay their animals.

Yiannis Evaggelou, 27, told the Cyprus Mail he believed the police were not helping out in the current situation

“We had one instance where a woman had abandoned her cat and when we threatened to tell the police she boasted that she had a relative who was a policeman and that we could not do anything about it,” he said.

Evaggelou added that politicians make pre-election promises and then do not keep their word once they are put in power.

Several accidents also occur because of the stray animals that wander the streets he explained.

“Over 20,000 dogs are available for adoption and more than half of them get put down” Evaggelou said. “Many tourists are complaining about the animals that are found dead in the streets and have asked that an official animal adoption day be created to help reduce animal deaths,” he added.

“The best way to protect dogs is to microchip them, giving them an electronic ID in order for the animals to be found more easily if they get lost and return them safely to their owners.”

Microchips are an electronic chip which can be implanted on the dog by a vet. The procedure is easy and fast and does not cause pain to the animals. Microchips have a unique number and can be detected by a specialised electronic device (scanner) and if the animal is lost can be found through its unique number.  Microchips cost between€30 and €40.

Marios Metzakis, 9, said “We want animals in homes and not in the streets.”

People interested in adopting an animal have to complete a form and pay €65 with the  expenses being paid by the organisation from people’s contributions and events that have been taken place.

Pets2Adopt Cyprus offers voluntary work from pet lovers and helps to find homes for lost and found pets. Pets2Adopt send out mass messages and posters about news and events to those who may be interested for free.

For more information contact 96745366 or visit the organisation’s website

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