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Plastic spoons health alert


A batch of packs of 80 plastic spoons being sold on the market has been found to violate EU safety regulations by transferring more Acetic Acid on to food that is permissible.

Although classified as a weak acid, concentrated levels of acetic acid are corrosive and attack the skin.

The plastic spoons in question contain 13.7mg/ dm² in migration of the substance from the spoon but the migration limit is 10mg/ dm². This is a transfers of over 3.0 per cent acetic acid on to food.

The legislation was put in place because food contact material must not transfer their components into foods in unacceptable quantities, referred to as ‘migration’.

The packs with 80 disposable plastic spoons in them are sold under the trade name Home MAID, PC 1000A and the bar code for the batch is 5050375081086. They are manufactured by 151 Products Limited in the United Kingdom.

The health services have already asked distributors to withdrawal the product from the market.

“It is possible that some spoons are already in the hands of consumers and they are urged to return them to the place of purchase or simply avoid using them,” an announcement from the health services said.


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