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Welcome to the actual working class

I am disgusted about a the news that is coming to light, but as we all know, no-one will be brought to justice since everyone who has amassed their wealth over the last years is either a politician/government official, protected by a politician/government official or has bought off a politician/government official.

Like the majority of non-civil servant employees, who are not privy to low interest loans, sick leave/holidays at a whim, payment of overtime and a holiday each year to the mountains in the “holiday complexes”. I have worked and paid my taxes and will now work to pay retirement plans offered to civil servants and pay back the loans to the EU.

Surely laws have been breached, laws like, market abuse, insider knowledge, miss abuse of power, to name a few, surely all these “businessmen”/politicians/government officials have broken laws which they should now be tried for. Why has the government not frozen and taken possession of assets of more of these persons?

With revelations such as: ‘Inquiry hears of millions owed by big names’ surely there is enough “reasonable cause” for all these developers to have land and property seized by the government in order to pay back the EU and restore some stability. BoC will be divided into two banks one for normal banking business and another to take on “property” What does this mean? To me this simply tells me that the average working person will have his/her house and land taken back by the bank under the “reason” that the inflated loans (the only means of acquiring property) have not been repaid. But who will benefit? The only persons who will be able to buy the property/land albeit at a lower price are the land developers who have directly been involved in bringing the country to its knees in the first place, so the middle class will now the “poor” and the rich will get richer?

In my opinion the government should investigate loans which have been struck off, loans which have been given without substantial security and the persons who “stole” this money should have their assets taken away and any property included in these assets should be “given” to non-civil servants who are in need.

Prior to the bail in, discussions arose about tax evaders, and how much is owed to the government from entities/persons which have not paid their taxes, instead of seeking out the working class, why doesn’t the income and tax authorities look into the fat cats finances? Why is my business being hounded by the income tax authorities for the last 2 years, they have spent all this time trying to find something but, l am clean, they have said as much, but so that the civil service employees don’t show that they have wasted their time l am still being slapped with a EUR20, 000 payment, Who do l appeal to?

I am sick to my stomach, l may have to close my business, l may lose my piece of land which l purchased as a nest egg for my 3 children, not to mention my house. But l am one of many in the same situation and to hear of civil servants making demands on retirement plans backed by fat cat union officials sickens me more. They’ve all had it good for so many years. I say welcome to the actual working class, where you have to prove your worth to keep your job and work overtime without pay when needed and not complain!

And another thing, why are all new “taxes” designed to hit the working middle class, surely it’s about time new taxes should hit the rich. Why will l be now taxed an extra burden in these hard times on the house l own and live in, surely it would be fairer to leave out of the equation the residential home of all tax payers and tax to be slapped on 2nd, 3rd properties and so forth……. but then that would mean fat cat developers and a land owners would have to pay! Instead of their monthly EUR million income from rent, they will have to make do with EUR800, 000!

The average non-civil servant pays taxes, works hard, but we don’t have a union to voice our grievances and believe me most will feel the same as l do!

Anonymous everyday survivor

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