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Cyprus Mail
News in Brief

Weekend fires destroy trees, wild shrub

CM photo archive

Thirteen and a half hectares of wild shrub and trees were destroyed by three separate fires on Sunday, which were all eventually put under control before midnight.

Eighteen vehicles were scrambled at 8.30pm on Sunday to help tackle a blaze in the Yiorkaes area of Lythrodontas, authorities said.

The blaze was brought under control at around 11pm after it destroyed four hectares of wild shrub and pine trees in a state and a private forest, police said

Five fire trucks remained in the area overnight in case the fire re-ignited.

At around the same time, fire-fighters were trying to put under control a blaze that broke out near the village of Kyprovasa in the Limassol district.

The fire, which started at around 8pm, was put out around three hours later, the forestry department said.

It destroyed two and a half hectares of a private pine tree forest.

Seventy men from various departments, including volunteers from the area, and 20 vehicles were used in the operation.

Fire-fighters remained in the area as a precaution.

Earlier in the day seven hectares of shrubbery, hay and trees were burned down by a fire which broke out at around 3.30pm in Pyrgos in the Limassol district.

The blaze was extinguished around three hours later with the aid of twelve fire trucks from the fire service, forestry department and game fund.

Two helicopters and two forestry department planes were also used in the operation.

The causes of the fires are being investigated.


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