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Kouklia without water for a third time in days

By Bejay Browne

THE community leader of Kouklia in Paphos is appealing to the government to sort out underlying infrastructure problems after the entire area was left without a water supply yesterday for a third time in a matter of days.

Local community leader Michael Solonos said that hundreds of homes had been left without water in the area, which includes the prestigious Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley developments, causing enormous problems for the day to day life of residents.

He placed the blame firmly on the government, noting that the demand for water in the area far outweighs supply and that this, along with pumping problems, had seen people left struggling.

“In Cyprus we build and sell and don’t think about the infrastructure until afterwards and this is wrong,” he said. “It will only get worse unless something is done about it immediately. Venus Rock, which is also in the area, is being sold to the Chinese. This will only put further strain on the supply.”

The Venus Rock Golf Resort project was sold to a Hong Kong based international conglomerate and real estate investment group in May. The project will include two golf courses, a 5 star hotel, two community sports centres, a commercial and leisure component as well as luxury private homes.

The muktah, who lives in Secret Valley, and like everyone else in the area has to deal with water cuts, said an immediate solution was vital and that he was writing to the government and the water department for help.

He explained that the storage supply tanks have to contain certain levels of water to supply all of the areas.

“We have to have more water being pumped in than goes out or the water supply is adversely affected,” he said.

He said that it took five hours to pump 1,000 tonnes of water back into tanks which is the required minimum level to ensure the supply is continuous.

According to Solonos, once a problem with the main pump is fixed, it takes between 10-20 hours to fill up the tanks enabling water supply to be restored.

“There was a problem with the electricity supply to the pumps which meant that once the supplies ran out, the water just dried up,” he said:

A spokesperson for Aphrodite hills hotel said the hotel had not been affected by the interruption in water supply, but parts of the resort had.

“It is not the entire area, just in specific areas,” the spokesperson said.

“There is a big demand at this time of year when everything is full and this unfortunately happens from time to time”

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