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Religion is Darwinism

By Richard Dickenson

I’ve been re-reading some Thomas Paine. He used to live in the same village as my UK home, so I have a special interest. Paine wrote much of the American Declaration of Independence and also worked on the French Revolutionary Constitution. But his uncannily logical mind worked on some useful things as well. Darwin had not published in his day but if he had Paine would swiftly have spotted that far from there being a conflict between religion and Darwinism in fact religion, as we know it, actually is a form of Darwinism.

Increasing evidence from numerous fields demonstrates the unutterably vast, even infinite, extent of the universe. Stars and planets in immeasurably enormous numbers exist and are probably still forming. The law of averages alone claims that there are other planets bearing life in some form and if  only one existed per billion planets that still totals over a million so far, and counting.

Now, Judaism claims that the One True God (OTG) favoured the earth and especially one small tribe. No surprise as they were the tribe and their world was the only one dreamed of. Islam is less egocentric but has other unlikely balancing claims. Christism (or Christianism or Christianity, whichever you choose to call it), however, claims the most astounding things of all. One main one concerns the alleged activities of the alleged son of that alleged OTG.

Of course, it could be that the whole thing is nonsense, that OTG is absent, had no offspring and thus any such proposed offspring never went anywhere or did anything as they didn’t exist. But let’s ignore that unwelcome concept for a moment. Only one, at most, of the three following scenarios can be the truth. By definition the other two must therefore be false.

The first option is that OTG did produce a son but at the prodigious rate of one per planet, though that would obviously have needed a vast army of use-once-and-discard virgins. Unlikely?

Second option: The only begotten son of the OTG did happen and he’s hectically busy rushing around to one new planet after another to get himself murdered and thereby ‘redeem’ its inhabitants. It’s an endless belt from from one planet and death to the next with scarcely a day off here and there to enjoy living. Unlikely?

Finally there is the idea that the OTG did produce just one son for earth only. He was sent to earth as emissary of the OTG to get crucified. Note here that OTG didn’t do that job himself, – he sent his kid. By dying, the son thereby ‘saved’ all the people on earth who were otherwise doomed because, a while earlier, one man and one woman had eaten an apple.

I wonder if any of these options sound reasonable to you, and why, for I suspect no justice system on earth would accept them as reliable evidence. In the face of such patent anomalies, then, how come so many believe one or another version of theories totally unsupported by any corroborative evidence other than hearsay, written or spoken? The answer is because any original facts have been cleverly marketed by association with three things, mystery, miracles and prophecy.

Regarding mystery, there is none anywhere in ‘creation.’ It’s just a question of gradually and logically extending human knowledge until all is eventually comprehended. Mysteries are superfluous.

Miracles. How insulting to OTG to imply that he needs cheap, showbiz sleight of hand (known as miracles) to convince us of his existence. Furthermore, all tales of miracles still depend on hearsay and are, consequently, fundamentally insecure.

Prophecy. The mere tales and hopes of Jewish poets, since elevated into the semblance of clairvoyance. All prophecies consist of vague, confusing, fit-all babble. Hardly the way an envoy selected by OTG would proclaim his master’s message to mankind.

There is a sinister aspect. Most people believe in the same OTG. It is these redundant additions to fundamental belief that separates people into quarrelsome adherents and paying participants.

Priests usurped power by inventing sins then proclaiming themselves, alone, empowered to forgive them. All the obfuscations were invented to sell religion, and that religion is a trade like any other. It is pure Darwinism, survival of the fittest at the expense of the others. Religion makes fools of us all. Priests, vicars, popes and padres, evangelists, TV godbotherers and all their hangers-on live well and easily on the proceeds of this deliberate larceny.

I chose the wrong job.









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