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Morphou refugees call for pressure on Turkey


Morphou refugees on Friday called on the United Nations Security Council and the EU to put pressure on Turkey to work towards a fair solution of the Cyprus problem since the current status quo was an insult to international order and a threat to stability.

Marking the 39th anniversary of the occupation of Morphou by Turkish troops, the municipality and organised groups delivered resolutions to the embassies of the permanent members of the UNSC and the EU representation asking them to put pressure on Turkey to change its stance and work for a fair settlement of the Cyprus problem and restoration of all Cypriots’ basic human rights.

The resolution highlighted the large-scale sale of properties belonging to Greek Cypriots who had been forced out of their homes by invading Turkish troops and Turkey’s threats over Cyprus’ natural gas ventures.

“The current situation is unacceptable, it constitutes an affront for international legal order, and a continuous threat to stability in the region,” the resolution said.

Any settlement must guarantee the withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces and settlers, the right of refugees to return to their properties safely, and confirming the fate of missing people.


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