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Cash stolen from fur shop

A PAIR of armed robbers stole more than €150,000 in cash from a fur coat trader in Paralimni on Saturday, police said.

The robbers, who wore hoods, went into the shop on the Paralimni to Dherynia road, just as the male employee was opening for business at around 8.20am.

They threatened him with a sawed-off hunting shotgun they took out of a bag, and demanded “the money” in the Cypriot dialect, police said.

The employee was hit and pushed around and forced to lead the robbers to the basement where the owner of the shop kept a small safe.

They tied him, took the safe and fled the scene, police said.

The Greek owner of the shop said the safe contained around €140,000, US$13,000, and Russian roubles worth €6,000.

The cash was not covered by insurance.



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