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Darwinism is itself a religion

Within the Living section of the Sunday August 11 issue of the Sunday Mail, Richard Dickenson proposes that “Religion is Darwinism”. In the article the author states that religions in general follow the theories of Darwinian Evolution.

He neither shows how in fact religions conform to nor why their continued existence conforms to any of those principles, whether natural selection or survival of the fittest. In fact the article seems to be more of a polemical treatise written by the adherent of one religion who seeks to attack the beliefs of another religion.

This is because Darwin’s theories on evolution and the origins of life being caused by natural selection have in fact become a religion for many people. Darwin’s theory is in fact a theory, it is not a fact.

Science proves things to be true through the process of producing results based on repeatable scientific experimentation. That life evolves is provable, but what in fact causes this is not scientifically known, and therefore theories have been created to explain this. When people such as this author dogmatically hold on to Darwin’s theories without having any scientific proof to back them up, meaning repeatable experiments, they show their true colors.  They are themselves “priests of a religion” who seek to usurp power and gain more adherents for their religion. All this being done at the expense of Truth.

For example in this article the author uses the vastness of the universe, probability, and one theory of how life arises to argue that the universe must be filled with life. This is a theory. If life has come about by random chance, then it should by provable by scientific experimentation.

That people argue that eventually science will prove this to be true, is not proof that their belief is in fact true. It simple shows that such people have “faith” in their beliefs. They hope their “religion” will turn out to be correct without at present having any facts to attest to that belief. Therefore it must be stressed that they do not know that this will ever in fact happen, and they could be wrong in their beliefs. Such beliefs really boil down to a lot of talk without any substance, and is not any better than hearsay.

No true adherent of the Christian Faith believes that God was completely absent from the creation of the universe, but rather that God was and is involved in the continued existence of the universe. Thus God’s Will and actions are crucial to the existence of the universe and the origins of life within it. Therefore it is possible that there exists only one place in the universe with life, and thus only one place that His Son had to be sent to in order to provide the help necessary for life to continue to exist there. This of course is also a belief and has not been proven by any scientific experimentation, but I have Faith that it is true, and am also willing to admit the lack of evidence. I hope one day that the adherents of the religion centered on Darwin’s theories will one day be able to admit the same.


Father Nichalas

Priest of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, residing in Cyprus

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