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No wonder this country is in the…

Recently I visited the emergency room at Limassol hospital at 2am because my wrist was in a lot of pain. I went and I registered and paid €10 like all good citizens. I saw the doctor on duty. They took X-rays and advised me it was broken so they put it in a cast and sling and the doctor advised me to return in three days and go to orthopaedics.

I went back as instructed, took a number waited my turn but people pushed in front of me when my number was called. I did eventually managed to make the appointment and paid €30 as my hospital card had expired.

When I was called by the doctor, his first question was: ‘Did you hit your hand? I replied that I had not as far as I could remember. I told him I had been to the emergency department three days prior.  His reply was: ‘So why are you here now?’ I told him the doctor at the emergency room took X-rays and said my wrist was broken. ‘But it’s not broken,” said the orthopaedic doctor.

I asked him how he knew without seeing the X-rays, and he said if I didn’t like what he said, I could go somewhere else.

Is it not my body, and do I not have the right to have things explained to me? How can two different doctors say two different things? One puts my hand in a cast and bandages me up and the other says there is nothing wrong?

Now I need to pay another €50 to find a real doctor.

No wonder this country is in the…

Angry patient