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Port fee structure has no place in a modern terminal

In most container ports around the world container handling, from ship, into storage yard and delivery to consignee truck or vice versa is charged at a unit rate according to the published port tariff and based on container size, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft.

In the case of general cargo it costs the port authority the same to handle an FCL (full container load) of rags or electrical goods and weight is not an issue provided the total weight does not exceed that shown on the container.

If this is the nature of the complaint raised by the importers of electrical goods then they have a legitimate cause for complaint. This type of charging structure will certainly kill transshipment because Cyprus is in competition with other ports in the region for transshipment.

Charging by commodity type or number of units in a dry full container load is a throwback to general cargo days and has no place in a modern container terminal.

Ken Clarke, via email


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