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Scorched to bits at Paphos airport

We recently travelled to the UK with easyJet – the supposedly cheaper airline – from Paphos to be faced with a most appalling situation, which could only happen in Cyprus.

Arriving at the airport, to our shock we discovered that there was mini-bus service from the terminal to the planes and vice versa because at Easy-Jet’s request this service was cancelled.

Now all passengers including young children, babies and elderly people – some in wheelchairs – are condemned to queue up for over half an hour under the open skies and pounded by the scorching summer heat of the day until the one official checks their documents before they are allowed to board. Of course he sits under the shade.

On return we experienced the same situation with passengers once again left in a huge queues outside the terminal waiting once again to have their passports checked by a couple of customs officers located inside the air-conditioned building. The delays were appalling.

Trapped, everyone puffed and huffed between clenched teeth, wiped the sweat off their foreheads and muttered: ‘Welcome Cyprus’.

Andreas C Chrysafis, Paphos



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