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Why are our heads not coconut-sized then?

Regarding Mr Dickenson’s article ‘Religion is Darwinism’ (Sunday Mail August 11) was devoid of factual content.   It made up for it though by the interestingly written sarcastic baseless, unheard-of examples of why God can’t exist because his son would have to visit all habitable planets to be systematically sacrificed.

The scientists you depend on, that jumped onto Mr Darwin’s bandwagon, are now rushing to leap off before the currently-increasing overwhelming scientific evidence against them will make them a laughing stock because  ape and human chromosomes’ may be 98 per cent  identical but still do not allow for the evolution theory.

Darwin should have been asked to explain why had primitive men needed, and nature provided such a powerful human brain?  Why has his theory of ‘what we don’t use we lose’, did not apply to us that are lumbered with carrying around an unnecessary 90 per cent worth of brain matter.  Surely we could have evolved to have a coconut sized heads?

A Dinou, Nicosia


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