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Diver critical after propeller accident (Updated)

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A 60-year-old Paphos Man was in critical condition on Wednesday after he was hit by the propeller of a boat while spearfishing in the Latchi area.

The man, from Chloraka, sustained injuries to his thorax and leg.

The incident happened at around 6.40pm on Tuesday, while the man was spearfishing around 30 metres outside the swimming area near the Anassa hotel, the Cyprus Mail has learned.

The driver of the boat, a 49-year-old British tourist, was arrested and remanded in custody for two days while the incident was being investigated, police said.

John Irvine, the owner of a nearby water sports centre whose staff witnessed the accident, told the Mail that the man was diving alone and had no buoy marking his position.

“It would have been absolutely impossible for anybody to see this man,” Irvine said, adding that when free diving “you have to have a buddy”

The boat was going at normal cruising speed, when the accident happened.

Staff from Irvine’s water sports centre rushed to the scene and administered first aid.

The man had deep gashes across his chest and his leg and was rushed to the Latchi harbour where an ambulance arrived to pick him up.

Police retrieved the man’s spear gun on Wednesday morning.

Paphos police spokesman Nicos Tsiappis said the driver had all the necessary permits to be driving the boat.

He had rented the small boat and was returning after a day out in the area.

“The police will use the next two days to fully investigate whether the diver was in the right area, whether the driver of the boat was doing anything illegally, and under what circumstances the incident took place,” Tsiappis said.

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