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‘The public must feel safe’

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou

By Peter Stevenson

THE POLICE will today launch a concerted two month war on all forms of crime, both organised and non-organised, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou said on Friday.

The minister gave explicit instructions to police hierarchy during a meeting when he stressed that the public needs to feel safe again.

During the meeting Nicolaou explained to officers the methods he felt needed improving with regards to fighting crime. He demanded that information needs to be gathered faster and action plans developed quicker.

An evaluation will be made as to the effectiveness of new measures at the end of this month with a final evaluation due at the end of October, Nicolaou explained.

The minister added that the two-month campaign is part of a wider government policy to effectively tackle crime.

“We will look to deal with organised crime and their activities like casinos, online betting, illegal private security agencies, loan sharks and other activities which include violence, intimidation and threats,” he said.

During Friday’s meeting, he added, there was a discussion and an assessment of the progress made by police so far, and said that the government requires direct, decisive, orderly and effective action to deal with criminal activities.

“We have decided that for two months we will declare a war on crime, decisively and without hesitation in a manner that will send the message that this situation can not go on any longer,” he said.

Nicolaou added that the police will show zero tolerance.

“The police needs to put a stop to crime and at the same time send a message to criminals that their actions cannot continue.”


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