Cyprus Mail

Cameras to quell boy racers

By Stefanos Evripidou

THE COMMUNICATIONS Ministry on Friday decided to place cameras on Griva Dhigenis Avenue in the Engomi area of Nicosia after years of complaints by local residents that boy racers were tearing up the night with noise pollution.

Communications Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos met with Engomi mayor Zacharias Kyriakou to examine the problem caused by night-time high-speed racing across the length of the avenue.

After examining various recommendations made by the ministry and traffic police, Mitsopoulos said it was decided that the most feasible solution was the instalment of permanent speed cameras, combined with the use of mobile cameras.

The electromechanical services was instructed to proceed speedily with the purchase of fixed cameras and traffic police to purchase mobile cameras to be used on the road to tackle the long-standing problem.

The minister said he expected the cameras to be in place within six months, adding that mobile cameras could be purchased within two months.

“So, the combination of fixed and mobile cameras could resolve the problem,” he said.

In July 2012, Engomi residents demonstrated along the avenue against the crowds of boy racers who cause noise pollution on a nightly basis in the area. They were joined by Kyriakou who complained that the Public Works Department refused to put in wide speed bumps, because it feared they would hold up traffic during the day.

In the past, police had been stationed along the road, but according to the mayor, police decided they did not have the resources to be there every night, even though their presence helped the situation.




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