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‘Who poisoned our three dogs?’

By Maria Gregoriou

THE OWNER of three dogs who were poisoned in Paphos are offering a reward to anyone who has information leading to the person or persons who killed their pets.

A four-year-old German Shepherd named Nero, Poppy a two-year-old Beagle Cross and their puppy Zeus, one-year-old, were dead within minutes of eating the poison.

Dog owners, Jason and Carolyn Horn, who live in Kato Paphos had let the dogs out at around 11pm on Monday.

“After having a barbeque on our roof which we have turned into a bar, we let the dogs out and when they came back Nero was throwing up a little,” 43-year-old Jason Horn, a retired British serviceman said.

Horn injected all three dogs with an anti-poison kit but it had no affect.

“According to the vet half a tea spoon of poison will kill a dog within three minutes. It took us around seven minutes for us to get them to him,” Horn said.

Zeus died before the couple was able to get him into the car, Poppy died a few minutes later and Nero was the only one to make it to the vet’s alive.

“The two dogs were dead already, only the German Shepherd was still alive but he was not able to be saved. If a dog is brought to us in time and it is still able to stand upright, we give it a special medicine that makes the dog vomit. There is a 99 per cent the dog will survive under these circumstances,” vet Bambos Papaioannou said.

Papaioannou was sure the dogs were poisoned so no further tests were necessary.

“I have seen cases like this during my 30-year professional career. I can’t say what exact poison was used but normally Lannate is the poison to blame,” he explained.

Animal poisoning is a common practice in Cyprus, especially just before hunting season in November.

“Unfortunately there are people out there who do not love animals and want to harm them,” Papaionnou said.
Paphos police went to Papaioannou’s clinic, which is at the edge of the city, about ten minutes after they had been informed. “The owners spoke to the police and I will give a statement if necessary, if any witnesses come forward or if suspects are found,” Papaioannou said.

The Horns brought Nero with them from Britain when they moved to Cyprus four and a half years ago. They then bought Poppy and a year ago, she had nine puppies.

“We wanted to keep one and managed to find homes for the other eight,” Horn said.

The dog owners do not suspect anyone of poisoning their dogs but believe the culprit must be someone in the neighbourhood or someone who lives nearby.

“Our neighbours liked the dogs. They did bark when someone or other dogs went by and this obviously annoyed someone who decided to kill them,” Horn said.

The couple found a piece of raw chicken thrown on their property about six months ago, which the dogs did not eat.

They were concerned at the time and got the police involved but their suspicions were not raised.

The Horns are offering a reward to whoever has any information about the incident. Contact the Cyprus Mail [email protected] and the information to be passed on to them.

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