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Greens website to give charity information

INFORMATION about the work of environmental charities and other organisations working on the island will next month be included on the Green Party website.
The scope of this section of the website is to create an archive of data about oraganisations’ history, their social activities and any other information available.
“I recently had a meeting with the Paphiakos animal welfare charity and I asked for a written statement of their history, profile and the services they provide. I did not do this to check-up on them, but rather to have an updated record that will be uploaded onto the website,” Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou said.
Paphiakos had requested the meeting because they are having problems with funding and they are understaffed. They are the organisation that municipalities turn to to remove dead animals from the road and they neuter cats for free.
Panayiotou said the idea behind the website is for the public to have a point of reference when they need to contact such organisations.
“It can also be used by researchers and organisations to find out what other kinds of organisations like them are out there. The hope is that they can help each other solve problems or exchange advice,” Panayiotou added.
The organisations targeted are animal shelters, animal welfare charities, environmental companies, NGOs dealing with matters of the environment and universities that teach or are involved in green topics.
“These could include Green Dot for example,” Panayiotou said.
Animal shelters and animal welfare organisations are having dramatic problems recently as their funding has been cut. The general public also cannot contribute to such organisations as it did before.
“If animal shelters and animal welfare establishments were not running, we would have a much bigger problem with animals on our hands.
“Volunteers do a lot to help stray animals and I would like to congratulate them but their work is not enough unfortunately. An animal police force should be put into action and the laws against animal crimes should be upheld,” Panayiotou said.
Panayiotou has discussed these problems with municipalities and she always gets the same response; that they are wiling to help but do not know how.
“The economic problem is also a factor. The solution does not lie with just municipalities, the police or volunteers, it must be found by following a collaborative effort,” she added.

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