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‘Harrowing glimpse’ into pig farms

AN animal welfare group has taken footage of ten pig farms in Cyprus to show what it described as a “harrowing glimpse” into how pigs are treated on the island.

A member of Compassion in World Farming’s Investigation Unit said many pigs were kept in “absolutely filthy, densely packed pens; some pigs were completely covered in their own excrement”. The same member, who is not named in a press release by the organisation, said that the flies covering the bodies of some of the pigs in the footage were a sign of disease. “[Sick pigs] were left to suffer in corridors or found shivering, dumped in hidden parts of the farm.”

The group said that in nine out of the ten farms sick and injured pigs were not appropriately cared for. A complaint to the agriculture minister condemns the pigs’ living conditions and asks authorities to comply with EU legislation.

To date, Cyprus has not complied with an animal welfare EU directive requiring sows to be kept in groups during their pregnancy, and not in individual sow stalls. Farmers use sow stalls to deal with feeding and aggression problems, but they are very constricting.

The footage is available here:

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