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Water gathering down through the centuries

The museum marks 60 years of the Nicosia Water Board

THE NICOSIA Water Board’s open-air museum was officially inaugurated by President Nicos Anastasiades last night.

The museum walks the public through the various ways people would get their supply of water from buckets and wells to old concrete taps and finally to running water in homes. The museum is situated next to the Nicosia Water Board’s main building on Athalassa Avenue.

“Every time an organisation creates something that will benefit everyone and promotes the efforts and achievements of our society, the state expresses it’s gratitude towards them,” said Anastasiades.

He described the museum as a true symbol of the Nicosia Water Board.

“The museum shows our traditions with water and it is a beautiful place that tells the story of water supply, showing the various ways that we have dealt with water shortages over the years,” he added.

“Water is the most vital natural resource needed by society and the economy to survive and develop anywhere. As it is displayed by the museum, water conservation is crucial for survival especially in a country that has long periods of drought,” the President said.

Anastasiades added that with the limited water supply on the island and with demand rising, it was a subject that was a priority for the government.

The Nicosia Water Board is celebrating 60 years since its establishment and its head Nikos Zambakides, explained how greater accessibility to water has transformed the island.

He said that for thousands of years the people of Cyprus had to deal with the lack of water, leading them to create primitive ways to collect and save water.

“My mind goes back to wells, basins, windmills and everything else that was used to find and save water so life could exist,” he said.

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