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Christofias could be sued over unpaid house work

Former president Demetris Christofias could be sued for around €600,000 by the contractor who did work on his houses in Nicosia and Kellaki and claims he has not been paid.

Miltiades Neophytou, a close friend of the former president, is looking to sue after the two sides failed to reach an agreement on how much he owes.

Christofias said he reserved all his legal rights and accused Neophytou of siding with those trying to defame him.

Speaking on the AKEL-controlled Astra radio, Christofias described Neophytou as someone he had “unfortunately trusted” and who had now joined the campaign to smear his name.

The former president said Neophytou had never given him a quote for the work on his home in Engomi and the holiday house in Kellaki. And each time he tried to pay, Neophytou had refused.

“I did not even know until recently how much he had charged us in total,” Christofias said. “This man persistently refused to take money. We begged him for two years and he would not take it.”

Christofias said Neophytou had charged around €530,000 for some work at the Engomi home, without providing a quote.

“He got paid and now he wants an extra €600,000 for (additional) work on the ground floor (in Engomi) and some work at Kellaki,” he said.

The former president said he had forced Neophytou to take around €270,000 but that was all.

And he now planned to counter-sue.

Christofias said they never refused to pay but due to difficulties they offered to pay an instalment at the end of the year.

However, he did not agree with the total and he would dispute it in court if necessary.

“The man must have a problem,” Christofias said of his close friend.

He said he was dumbfounded that Neophytou was taking him to court when the Right and extreme Right had so far failed to do so.

Christofias said he did everything with transparency and never made any money during his presidency.

However, the dispute raised questions about the accuracy of Christofias’ capital statement, which he had published in May.

On Wednesday, the former president did not hesitate to say it was inaccurate.

“The figures do not add up because Mr. Miltiades refused to give any figures. I did not know and the house I live in at the moment has been transferred to my son Christos,” he said of the discrepancies.

In his capital statement, Christofias said he owed Neophytou €200,000 – reports said he paid him an additional €86,000 since.

The statement said the cost of the work was €400,000.

The property in question is a three-storey building – including the ground floor. The two floors are occupied by Christofias’ two daughters.

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