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One in three people who use internet shop on it

ONE in three people who use the internet in Cyprus also do online shopping, though not nearly as much as their counterparts elsewhere in the European Union, the latest statistics show. 

A survey by the EU’s statistical services, Eurostat, showed that 35 per cent of internet users in Cyprus said in 2012 they had paid for goods and services online.

Across the 28 EU member states, some 60 per cent of internet users also shop online, usually paying for travel and holiday accommodation or for clothes.

Cyprus-based internet users have been doing more shopping with 18 per cent saying they had paid online for clothes and sports goods last year, compared with 8.0 per cent who said they made comparable purchases in 2008.

Even more people in Cyprus have been turning to the internet to find good holiday deals with just 7.0 per cent saying they paid for holiday accommodation in 2008 but 20 per cent saying they did in 2012.

Only 1.0 per cent of all internet users pay for food and groceries online in Cyprus.

Britons seems to be the most keen online shoppers with 82 per cent of internet users shopping on the net; followed by the Danes and Swedish, 79 per cent; and the Germans, 77 per cent.

Online shopping was also strong in Luxembourg with 73 per cent of internet users also being online shoppers, as well as in Finland where 72 per cent were.

At the opposite end of the spectrum was Romania where only 11 per cent of internet users did any shopping online, followed by Bulgaria with 17 per cent and then Estonia and Italy where in both countries 29 per cent of internet users also used the net to shop.

Some 75 per cent of those asked in the EU said they had been online in the previous 12 months.

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