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Efforts continue to agree on joint text

Efforts are continuing, according to Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis, to reach an agreement on the text of a joint statement regarding talks between both sides. Speaking to the public broadcaster on Saturday, Mavroyiannis said that he hoped any obstacles would be overcome.
He said that the Greek Cypriot side is insistent that a joint statement be issued, which would clarify the basis of any negotiations, ahead of a meeting between the leaders of both communities.
The Greek Cypriot negotiating team unofficially set the joint statement as a precondition to the start of talks, arguing it was needed to clarify the substance of the talks and the process to be followed. They want to introduce a “holistic” approach to the talks where all issues are dealt with concurrently, given the fact that many aspects of the peace talks are interlinked.
Agreement on a joint declaration would also ensure that the two sides do not engage in talks “for the sake of talks” but that the first official meeting of the two leaders would be “meaningful”.
Mavroyiannis will meet the Turkish Cypriot negotiator Osman Ertug on Monday as they attempt to come to an agreement on the joint statement.
Asked about the return of Varosha, the Greek Cypriot negotiator said that he will bring up the subject during talks in Turkey. He said he believes that if the decision is adopted by Turkey that it will give the whole process a huge push in the right direction.
According to Cyprus Mail sources, UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer suggested November 4 as a possible date for the two leaders to meet, provided an agreement is reached in the meantime on a joint statement and the two leaders are available.
November 4 was mentioned as a possible date as Downer will return to the island that week.


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