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By Nan Mackenzie

Reading about the physical achievements of someone who takes on challenging sporting activities can make you do one of two things, reach for yet another glass of wine, crisp or Kit Kat in a self-pitying manner or leap up and cry ‘Carpe Diem’ until the cat comes nervously out from under the sofa. Andre Friedrich gave up wine and tortilla chips while a quick lounge on his sofa is but a distant memory as he indeed ‘seized the day’ for charity.

It all started after Christmas 2012 when Andre began training for the first of his challenges, to raise money for the charity One Dream One Wish organisation which offers children in Cyprus suffering from life threatening diseases an array of special treats designed to help little ones who may never see another a birthday make what time they have left a little bit brighter.

To date Andre has cycled 300km around Cyprus in three gruelling days, in June he completed four rounds of golf at the Elea Estate which is a total walk (always carrying his golf bag – no golf buggy allowed) of 25km. Now he is up for his biggest challenge yet when on Saturday he will attempt something that may not have been done before – a one-day bicycle ride from Polis to Protaras, a total of 240km.

When Andre clicks his cleats into his pedals on Saturday morning he will be starting a journey that will push his body to the absolute max as this level of endurance cycling has to be the most energetic you can undertake. Okay other activities, like weight lifting, may produce more force, or track sprinting or swimming more muscle power over short periods, but nothing makes higher demands on the mind and body than cycling.

Andre will be working as hard as possible in the most efficient way for many hours, and performing a total of 44,000 pedal revolutions, which is the equivalent of 30,000 paces for a marathon runner.

He won’t be biking alone as at different stages ten other trusty riders will accompany him, along with great support from local motorbike clubs including the Star Club Cyprus, Ledra Motorcycle Club Nicosia, the BMW Motorrad Riders of Cyprus and the Egophobia Motorcycle Club Limassol.

Along each stage of the route there will be hand over stations with money collected going directly to the charity. Following Andre on four wheels every pedal of the way will be his wife Anastasia and, as the body can only store enough fuel for one to two hours of cycling and with Andre using up at least 750 calories every 60 minutes, she and their two sons Alexander, 7, and Sebastian, 5, will supply him with much needed energy replenishing bananas and drinks enroute.

Andre will start from Polis at 6am with a rest stop at Elea Estate Paphos around 8:30am then on to the Tsanotel Limassol for 11:30am, the Flo Cafe Finikoudes Larnaca at 14:45pm and finally he hopes to arrive at Kalamies Beach harbour in Protoras around 6pm. All these rest stops are also places people can come and donate money for the charity.

This challenge is not only one that demands a steely mental motivation on the part of the rider but it’s also a huge physical challenge for the rider’s back, bottom, and legs as staying in one position for any length of time has to cause muscle pains. The comforting news however is that new gel implants set within marathon cyclists’ Lycra shorts mean men do have some level of comfort, although after seeing the shape and somewhat slim dimension of his bicycle seat how much is questionable.

It would be truly grand if, on the day people come out enroute to support Andre and brilliant if, at the same time they can dig deep into their pockets and donate money to help bring a sick child some much needed joy.

How to support Andre
The smallest sum of money is appreciated so check out the charity on
To contact Andre- 99 417470 and offer more support/donations etc [email protected]
Follow him also on face book Andre Challenge 2013.


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